13 years ago, on this date, I was travelling by a DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) bus to the office. There were many co-passengers, who looked at me and told me that I should start taking rest at home. But, at that time, the maternity leave was only 56 days in our office, and I had to literally work till the very last minute, which I did. In fact, I went straight to the hospital, from office, on 2nd December. (No, it was not a dramatic entry, like it happens in the movies. 🙂 ) I kept waiting for the pain, which never came, and my sweet little angel refused to come out. She wanted to spend some more time inside the cozy womb. She decided to make an entry into the outside world only after 18 hours, that too, after a C-Sec operation, on 3rd December… 🙂

She was such a doll, and was wrapped in a pink shawl, when she was shown and handed over to us. My heart went out to her. She got all the attention from all the family members, as she was the first child in the next generation. A hugely pampered child, she refused to grow up for a long time. 🙂 I still remember that she used to make me feel so guilty when I had to travel abroad for my official trips, and I would end up crying in the airport, thinking about her and missing her.

Tomorrow, she will be 13 years old, and she has already got that rebellious streak, which comes along with the teens. And, I suddenly feel that I am dealing with a volcano. It really takes a lot of patience to control your temper and emotions, at times. Though, I am known for having a short fuse, I am really trying to learn to become a mother of a teenage daughter. Wish there was some crash course conducted to handle this. But, we have to be hands-on parents, and have to deal with parenting, on the job.

So, what are the growing up symptoms? Well, if you have a daughter, you will know that your daughter is getting into that teenage phase:

  • Being bothered about the pimples so much that special attention is given to each and every pimple.
  • Spends at least 30 minutes in front of the mirror, and still looking unsatisfied about her looks.
  • Decides to cut her hair, on her own, out of the blue, and feeling quite proud about it. (Well, don’t ask about my reaction. It took me days to cool down. )
  • Stops celebrating birthdays in the usual manner, as it has become quite boring. Prefers treating the friends outside home, away from parents.
  • The bangles and accessories slowly start disappearing from your cupboard, and end up in hers.
  • Looks become so important that it takes hours to just straighten up the hair, which is actually looking alright.
  • Needs a separate deodorant, cream, face-wash, lip gloss, and God knows what all.
  • There are long conversations on phones, with friends, and mostly, in low whispers. Nobody can hear what is being spoken, and there are multitudes of secrets being exchanged.
  • Becomes health conscious, and is quite concerned about eating unhealthy food, but actually ends up eating all the junk food.
  • A lot concerned about weight, and even a few grams of extra weight puts a frown on the face.
  • Starts sizing up the boys, in a discreet manner, thinking that nobody is noticing. (Well, mom definitely notices :-))
  • Room is totally messed up, but she feels quite comfortable, sitting over the mess.
  • She thinks that mom and dad actually need to be trained in a lot of things.
  • Starts speaking in acronyms, and slang words.
  • Dress shopping takes hours, as she has to try out everything, and still feels unsatisfied about how it fits, and looks.
  • Wears dresses, which have become quite small, but are more fashionable for her, now.
  • Shorter the dresses, the better they are.
  • Arguments become a daily routine, and she has an answer for just about everything.
  • And, the best is that you are reminded of your teenage years, and are actually worried about what all will happen next. 🙂

Well, all said and done, my daughter is my best friend. In fact, I feel good to share a lot of things with her. And, I try to keep a straight face, when she tells me some of her secrets. Am sure that I am told only 10 to 20% of them. But, well, she has a right to her privacy, and too much of interference is not going to help us in any way. Well, it is easy to write than to actually practice, especially when you don’t know what will happen next. This is a lesson that I need to learn. 🙂

I miss my little girl, with those innocent looks, who used to listen to us, or at least tried to listen to us. In place of her, I have got a person, who has her own perception, and her own mind-set. As long as things are in control, it’s alright, I guess. And, I hope I am able to remain sane till she becomes an adult.

So, to all those people, who have lovely daughters, do get prepped up, otherwise, you will not know what hit you. And, share some of your experiences with me, on this blog. 🙂

Here are a few quotes, which I found on Google, which actually explains the teenager’s behavioral patterns.. 🙂