Hello friends!!! How are you? Hope everything is going on as usual.. Have been absent from the blogging scene for quite some time now, as I was busy pursuing some of my dreams. 🙂

As you would have guessed from the subject of the blog, I turned 40 this year. It means that I have completed 4 decades in this world. Hey, but i was just born yesterday… how did i become so old so soon 😉 (Haa.. haaa.. that was definitely a little over-the-board statement.) Though, a lot of people commented.. ‘Wow, you are 40 now’, which actually meant that you have become old, but I do not feel any different. In fact, I feel much younger and much more mentally active now than I have ever felt in my entire life… 🙂 No, it is not an exaggeration. I am a 20 year old now with 20 years of experience.. howzat? 🙂

40 and fabulous

Age is just a number, and it is all in the mind. If you feel that you are old, then, nobody can save you from your miseries. Maybe, you should try looking out for an old age home then. 🙂 As per what I believe, you should eat and live a life like there is no tomorrow… Agreed that my BMI is on the higher side, but that doesn’t mean that I will stop eating Pizza and all other yummy fried items. (By the way, Bangalore is a haven for foodies like me, and you get some of the best vadas and dosas here. :-)) Coming to the BMI, my husband, doesn’t have an extra inch of flab on his body. And, how does he manage that? By eating healthy food like Oats, Ragi, Corn Flakes and all other health products, which have absolutely no taste. 🙂 We live contrasting lives, under the same roof, but we both are quite happy. <touch-wood>

Even though, I feel bad about my greying hair and my stiff body sometimes, I am enjoying being 40. I am more matured now and know a lot of things, and would not want to trade it back with 20 less years. Who would want to get back into the grind of studies, career, marriage and childbirth again? We have crossed all that, and we feel happy when we look back into our pasts, without any regret of the approaching old age.


When you are young, you are always running behind something. There is so much on your agenda that you don’t live your life. You have to finish your studies, look for a job, look for better jobs, and then get married, and have kids. All these are things, which have to be done. And, if you try to stray away from this customary path, you are not seen in a kind light. There are only few people, who try to pursue their dreams and passions, while the rest of us only end up making money. So what if you are not enjoying your work, you are at least getting the money into your account at the end of the month. I am sure majority of us have lots of commitments on our heads, and earning a consistent salary is more important to us than doing what we would have loved to do.

Life gives the same set of options and opportunities to everybody, and it is our wish how we want to utilize them. There are things, which I am doing now, which should have been done by me about 20 years back. But, no regrets, and as the saying goes, ‘Better late than never’. There is only one life and we should live it.

So, for me, life is taking a new start at 40. What about you?

(By the way, between you and me, I would rather live till 60, eating all my favourite food and doing all my favourite things, than extend my life by 10 more years, and torturing myself with tasteless food. 🙂 ;-))


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