How many of you have watched this movie, ‘Zindagi Na Milegee Dobara’? Even though, this movie got mixed reactions from people, it happens to be one of my favourite movies till date, as it shows the importance of living each moment and living the present!!! Life2 What are we doing with our lives? Most of us are running around, trying to save for an unpredictable future. We are probably running behind our career, our ambitions, and are trying to make loads of money, so that our family does not face any problems in the future. Or, we are probably driving ourselves nuts so that we can fulfill our dream of buying a bigger house or a better car. But, dude, in all this running around, are we forgetting to live? We have no time for our family, and are probably giving gadgets to our kids, so that they do not pester us. Well, to tell you the truth, the kids will grow up and leave us one day. And, we would only be left with these gadgets, through which we could chat with them, if they are not leading hectic lives, that is.

There are so many hobbies which we wish to pursue, and so many dreams which we want to fulfill, but what we are actually doing, is postponing them. And, the irony is that there is no time like now, and there will be nothing left tomorrow. So, why postpone our dreams for an uncertain future? ‘Kaal Kare so Aaj kar… Aaj kare so abh. Pal Mein Parlai Hoyegi, Bahuri Karega Kab’, is a famous Hindi couplet, which means that, ‘Do tomorrow’s work today, and today’s work now. What if the world ends tomorrow, when will you do the work then?’ So, one must live one’s life today, and now. Life1 Well, you must be wondering why I am writing this blog post out of the blue. It is because I have seen a few people running behind things, which were immaterial. My father-in-law, who passed away in April this year, was one such example. In the race of running to office till he was 70, he forgot to live a life. He used to travel by Metro train, buses and go walking to his office in ITO in Delhi. Even though, he could have easily sat at home, he chose to work till he got a severe problem of COPD. (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which affects the lungs).

While we were staying in Mayur Vihar in Delhi, he would come home on Saturdays from his office, and would have his lunch, and go about meeting his other relatives around, and then, by the evening, he would be ready to go back home to Janak Puri. For most of us, the idea of travelling in crowded buses, RTVS and shared autos, after a tiring day, is a dreadful thought. But, not for him. This was a part of his life, and he never ever complained. He never took an auto, no matter what, and lived a frugal life. He kept postponing a lot of things to be done post retirement. But, when he retired at the age of 70, he could hardly live a peaceful retired life. In fact, within a year, his condition deteriorated, and his life totally depended on an Oxygen cylinder.

He was a very social person, and did so many things for so many people, but never had the time to take care of his health, nor take care of his happiness. It was actually too difficult for him to sit quiet, and relax. His hyper-active psyche always insisted on something to do. He had arranged so many matrimonial matches, and did service for the community, but he did not spend much money on himself. There was always some social project going on, which he led, and he successfully completed. And, in all, he lived a very economical life, and has left a good amount of money in the bank. Well, is that money of any use to him now? He could have, as well retired at 60, and seen some places, and could have enjoyed his life.

Well, we still feel that he died an immature death, and could have lived for at least 10 more years, so that he could have enjoyed some retired moments with his grandchildren. Though, he led a very active life, doing lots of things for others, he never had the time to enjoy his own life. It was really sad to see him die, when he so much wanted to live. His dying eyes kept telling us that he wanted to live, and see many more things.

Well, there is no moment like today. Enjoy each and every moment of your life. These moments are not going to come back. Do whatever that you wish to do, and don’t postpone them. After all, there is only one life, and you cannot possibly go on your world tours, when you have arthritis, knee problems, or other such problems, right? Save enough so that your children get a good education, and are well settled. Instead of creating a fortune for them, make them capable to create their own fortunes. Life3