The ban on the BBC documentary has made many of us watch “India’s Daughter”. If the ban had not been there, many of us would not have even seen it, I guess. So, the banning has actually been a good thing. But, I am surprised why the documentary can’t be shown in India? Are we scared that the people from other countries, will form a negative image about our country? Well, the documentary is already released in the other countries, and they have already seen it. So, why ban it in India? Do we feel scared that our youngsters will get inspired to commit such acts? Well, when we put a ban, don’t you think, people get more inquisitive about finding out what it is. And, we should have the confidence in teaching our kids, some strong basic values.

Though, a lot of people recommended watching this video, I was quite apprehensive. I didn’t know if I had the guts to go through it. I knew it would shake me and I would be moved beyond imagination. Well, it certainly did. To watch the girl’s parents and her tutor talking about her, I was moved to tears.

The defense lawyers for the rapists, were the slap-on-the-face kind of people. Even though, we live in 2015, the mentality of these people, is still so primitive. To watch them talk like a prehistoric man, was like being spitted on our faces. I am sure, the prehistoric men would have never behaved in such a monstrous way, like these so-called modern men behaved.

India has always been known for its rich culture and heritage. But, I feel that it is all hypocrisy. On one hand, we worship Devis and Goddesses, and on the other hand, some of our conservative menfolk have no shame in saying that women should be within their limits. They should not step outside alone, and they should not dress inappropriately. Well, who has given the right to these men to dictate to the women? Just because they happen to be strong, physically, doesn’t mean that they can set the rules, right? To hear the lawyers say that the women should only go out with her father or uncle, well, let me ask you, “Are the women worse than dogs or pets?” Are we to be leashed and taken out? Don’t we have our own individuality, and can’t we have any kind of freedom?

I am not sure how many of you have gone through the curfews in your homes. I remember coming back from office at 12, in the midnight, once, after a party, and my parents told me that I should resign. I am sure, this would have been the scenario in every household. We instill a sense of fear in the girls. We make them feel vulnerable. And, we unknowingly give a lot of freedom to the boys. Maybe, I too get worried about my daughter, and maybe, I would not have worried so much, if there were not so many incidents.

I remember staying alone with my kids in Delhi, during Nirbhaya’s incident. My husband had got transferred to Bangalore, and I had to leave the kids in the crèche and go to the office. Every day was like a nightmare. I used to worry about the safety of the kids, and myself. Even, sending them to school by the school buses, had become unsafe. So, what are we doing about ensuring the safety of women and the kids?

In spite of so many protests and revolts, the punishment has still not been given to these criminals. Why are they still waiting for their punishment, even after 2 and half years? Am surprised that the driver of the said bus, does not have any feeling of repentance, even after spending 2 years in jail. The juvenile, who was institutionalized, will be released this December. Do you think he would have repented, and felt bad about what he did? I doubt it.

In our country, we still keep craving for sons. Well, I would say that the parents of these criminals, should have chosen to remain childless, instead of having these sons, don’t you agree?

I have a son and a daughter, and I don’t see much difference between boys and girls. In fact, I have seen the daughters being more affectionate and caring towards their parents. Even though, the daughters are married off into other families, their love towards their parents’ remains self-less, and sincere.

As parents, we love our kids, just the same. We love our daughters and adore our sons. We should all try to make our daughters more self-confident, and should not put fear in her minds. And, we should try to teach our sons to be respectful to all the womenfolk in the family, and around. I believe that respect and courteousness starts in the family.

I am sure you would have come across some men, who check out the vital statistics of women, as if they are some kind of display objects. Even though, these men belong to the high-values-and-principles class, they probably do such an act, without their knowledge. Well, men, don’t you think, it is better to show some respect, and meet the women’s eyes instead? Do you ever see us hovering our gaze anywhere else? Well, these are some of the basic values, which we need to teach our sons.

Let’s just hope that all the hue and cry about the BBC documentary, makes our legal system, a little more proactive. Unless we mete out punishment to such wrong-doers, there will be hundreds more, who will be repeating such crimes, and who might have a false sense of pride, of having done something great.Nirb1